JRuby 1.6.7 Released

The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.6.7.

The primary goal of the 1.6.x series is to round out our 1.9 support
by fixing any reported incompatibilities. Of course, as with any JRuby
release, we will continue fixing any found incompatibilities and also
improve performance. All users of 1.6.6 (and lower) are encouraged to
upgrade to 1.6.7.

Some astute readers of our release announcements will remember this

“Because master keeps getting further and further away from our 1.6
branch we have decided to make this our last 1.6 release. We largely
fulfilled our goal of having reasonable 1.9 support.”

After releasing 1.6.6, we got a smallish flood of simple to fix 1.9
compatibility issues. We realized our charter of reasonable 1.9
support had not quite been reached. So we decided to put out 1.6.7.
As of JRuby 1.6.7, we think we are leaving the 1.6 series at a nice
stopping point. Plus, 1.7.0 is less than two months away.

Notable Changes:

  • Fix circular require issue in Rubygems introduced by our Maven gem
  • Fix regression in popen* where streams get prematurely closed
  • Many 1.9-mode encoding bugs fixed in String, Regexp, StringIO, and
  • Win32OLE now works in 1.9-mode
  • ffi on Win x64 now knows about basic types :size_t
  • Use jzlib to fix a set of issues with out zlib library
  • Reduced internal locking based on user reports
  • C extensions work on OS X again
  • Gems with gemspecs which contain UTF-8 multi-byte chars install in 1.9

1.6.7 Issues Resolved:

  • JRUBY-3958 Caller mismatch within include/extend
  • JRUBY-4956 1.9: ConditionVariable#wait should return self
  • JRUBY-5165 non-blocking IO does not function correctly:
    connect_nonblock followed by an IO.select
  • JRUBY-5189 1.9: invalid byte sequence in UTF-8
  • JRUBY-5216 WIN32OLE gem cannot be loaded in 1.9 mode
  • JRUBY-5437 Encoding of result string for String#gsub is not consistent
  • JRUBY-5761 /\z/ raises ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in --1.9 mode
  • JRUBY-5764 RegexpError when running any rake command
  • JRUBY-5836 soap library doesn’t handle the situation where the
    backtrace is nil
  • JRUBY-5846 JRuby Internal Java NegativeArraySizeExcetpion when
    normalising a string
  • JRUBY-5903 citrus parser produces ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in
  • JRUBY-6104 JRuby hangs on testing string for equality with
    ‘test/unit’ testing framework
  • JRUBY-6110 Security issue with org.jruby.embed.class.path in
    unsigned JavaFX applet.
  • JRUBY-6193 asprintf is added to Solaris > 10 & Illumos, local
    asprintf.h breaks the build
  • JRUBY-6208 bad gem file creation using mode --1.9
  • JRUBY-6238 Issues with eval - wrong arguments
  • JRUBY-6396 strip! fails on File.read
  • JRUBY-6398 java.lang.NullPointerException when executing jruby.exe
    under Windows 7 (v1.6.6)
  • JRUBY-6399 wrong number of arguments (4 for 3) when calling enum_for
    in 1.9 mode
  • JRUBY-6400 StackOverflowError in loading bundler when starting
  • JRUBY-6404 multiple assignment fails to deconstruct object
  • JRUBY-6407 StackOverflowError regarding RubyGems, require(),
    rubygems/defaults/jruby.rb, and jruby/util.rb
  • JRUBY-6414 YAML.load cause errors in particular string
  • JRUBY-6415 1.9: Psych::SyntaxError when trying to install
    will_paginate 3.0.3
  • JRUBY-6416 JRuby 1.6.6(1.9-mode) freezing in Rails application
    without any error, when manipulating a String with special characters
  • JRUBY-6418 CLONE - Closing One Stream From IO.popen4 Results in
    Stream Closed Error When Reading Other Streams
  • JRUBY-6420 LoadError: load error: bundler/definition –
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Could not initialize class
  • JRUBY-6422 Regression: Variety pack of failures with bundler install
    via rubygems
  • JRUBY-6425 StringIO.readline of UTF-8 string will return a ASCII-8BIT
  • JRUBY-6433 DRegexp with specific encodings were getting non-strict
    versions in 1.9 mode
  • JRUBY-6434 sprintf does not support name references, like
    sprintf(’%%<xyz>s’, :xyz => ‘abc’)
  • JRUBY-6441 malloc: error for object 0x7f94d1a24650: pointer being
    freed was not allocated
  • JRUBY-6442 TCPSocket#write_nonblock blocks
  • JRUBY-6454 Unable to launch browsers with watir or capybara in 1.9
  • JRUBY-6456 ThreadLocal Leak in 1.9 Mode w/ Internal Recursive Map
  • JRUBY-6457 class_variable_get (et al) should be public in 1.9 mode
  • JRUBY-6458 jruby-launcher fails to install from rvm with default 1.9
  • JRUBY-6462 Gems build incorrectly in 1.9 mode
  • JRUBY-6463 File.read(‘foo’).strip Leaves Trailing Newline Under 1.9
  • JRUBY-6471 JRuby doesn’t seem to forward java methods to java arrays
  • JRUBY-6474 __LINE__ is not reset to 1 when passing a filename to
  • JRUBY-6480 Missing type intptr_t from ffi

On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 8:23 PM, Thomas E Enebo [email protected]

stopping point. Plus, 1.7.0 is less than two months away.

Thanks for releasing this version. It seems performances are back on
Windows 7 as they were in

If I detect the opposite, I shall wait and move to 1.7.0 together with
java7 then.

I believe I read here that jruby (from version 1.7.0 onwards) will
toggle to 1.9 mode by default .

For how long will ruby 1.8.7 mode stay inside jruby and will ruby
1.8.7 mode have support/bugfixes from now on ?


On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 2:40 PM, Christian MICHON
[email protected] wrote:

upgrade to 1.6.7.
As of JRuby 1.6.7, we think we are leaving the 1.6 series at a nice
toggle to 1.9 mode by default .

For how long will ruby 1.8.7 mode stay inside jruby and will ruby
1.8.7 mode have support/bugfixes from now on ?

For 1.7.x, for sure, we will continue to fix any bugs in 1.8 mode that
are found. 1.8 is still fully supported in 1.7.x, but it is just not
the default mode.

It is open for debate whether we actually support 1.8.7 in the next
major release in JRuby after 1.7.x. My gut instinct is we won’t, but
time it takes to release JRuby 2/next/X and amount of users still
running on 1.8.7 will determine whether we drop it or not.