JRuby 1.5.0.RC2 Released

The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby

This development cycle has been our longest cycle yet (nearly 5
months), but it also has the most fixes. It also includes many new
notable features (see below). Most of our bug fixes have been more of
what we consider fine-tuning, since we keep getting into smaller
corner-cases of compatibility for individual Ruby methods. In that
sense, we expect if you had a good experience with JRuby 1.4.0 then
1.5.0.RC2 will be a no-brainer upgrade. If you haven’t tried JRuby in
a while with your application, then please give us another try. Odds
are whatever issue you were having before no longer exists! And we
would really like help making sure JRuby 1.5.0 final is a solid
release…so please try and report back with any problems.

1.5.0 Highlights:

  • New native access framework designed for performance and better FFI
  • Native launcher for *NIX platforms
  • Ant support and Rake-Ant integration
  • Better and better support for Windows
  • Multiple performance improvements for Ruby-to-Java calling,
    improving correctness, memory, and speed.
  • Embedding API improvements based on user input (JSR-223, BSF,
    RedBridge, etc)
  • Software updates: Ruby 1.8.7 standard library update, RubyGems
    1.3.6, RSpec 1.3.0
  • ruby-debug installed by default
  • Many fixes for Rails 3
  • Various improvements to startup time
  • Improved performance for Object#object_id/id
  • Reduced memory use for Java class metadata and faster loading of Java
  • jar-in-jar support in the classloader
  • The “open4” library now works properly
  • jruby.jit.codeCache=dir to save jitted scripts/methods to disk in a
    sha1-hashed .class file
  • New logic for interface implementation that produces “real” classes
  • jruby.ji.objectProxyCache to turn off OPC for extra performance
  • JRuby::Synchronized module for making a class and its subclasses
    100% synchronized on all calls
  • Miscellaneous perf improvements to core classes and minor
    improvements in the JIT
  • No more ObjectSpace during IRB
  • Cleaned up maven artifacts
  • Windows Installer fixes for x64 and Windows 7 security
  • Over 1250 commits since JRuby 1.4

Issues resolved since 1.5.0.RC1:

  • JRUBY-3153: IO rubyspec failures under IBM JDK6 Linux
  • JRUBY-3208: ant task api-docs runs out of memory, patch included
  • JRUBY-4677: Java exceptions can’t be rescued with “rescue Exception”
  • JRUBY-4680: jirb_swing broken: JRuby picking wrong constructor, with
    no obvious work around
  • JRUBY-4704: “Java wrapper with no contents” error when subclassing a
    Runnable class in JRuby
  • JRUBY-4710: Problems importing classes in default package
  • JRUBY-4715: FFI::StructByValue missing layout and struct_class
  • JRUBY-4721: FFI::Platform::CONF_DIR looks in wrong location for PPC
  • JRUBY-4724: Java class equality operator is order dependent
  • JRUBY-4725: to_java_object no longer exists
  • JRUBY-4729: System properties to set bindir and default rubygems paths
  • JRUBY-4730: Unix jruby-1.5.0.RC1 distro includes
    rubygems/default/jruby_native.rb without native launcher
  • JRUBY-4731: Mismatched default compilation prefix
  • JRUBY-4733: Allow compilation of Ruby files for a specificic JVM
  • JRUBY-4734: Reduce “multiple Java method” warnings in unambiguous
  • JRUBY-4735: install-gems ant target should not count on successful
    installation of jruby-launcher
  • JRUBY-4737: Compatibility issue with Spring property from 1.4.0 to
  • JRUBY-4738: test/testapp/testapp.exe appears twice in
  • JRUBY-4742: File::Stat throws a NPE when it doesn’t find a file into a
  • JRUBY-4747: read_nonblock error with couchrest
  • JRUBY-4749: require ‘rbconfig’ fails on GAE because of
  • JRUBY-4750: ant-to-rake: task does not work when classpath is
    defined via taskdef’s attribute
  • JRUBY-4751: Java call to RubyBignum.to_s() returns generic object
  • JRUBY-4754: NotImplementedError: the MD5() function is unimplemented
    on this machine
  • JRUBY-4757: addressable gem doesn’t work with --fast
  • JRUBY-4760: File.open throws Errno::ENOENT when file inside jar is
    accessed using “…” (doubledot) in the path
  • JRUBY-4761: 1.9.2: Thread#backtrace

We always appreciate community contributions. This cycle we’ve had
more help than ever: David C., Stephen B., Daniel Luz, Ian
Dees, Koichiro Ohba,
Hongli L., Hiroshi N., Colin Jones, Takeru Sasaki, Roger P.,
Matjaz Gregoric, Joseph LaFata, Frederic J., Alex Coles, Lars

Thomas E Enebo wrote:

The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby 1.5.0.RC2


Big thanks to the JRuby team and all of those helping track down bugs
and improve features.

James B.

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Thomas E Enebo wrote:

The JRuby community is pleased to announce the release of JRuby

Here’s my bug wish list: this one:


File.exist? File.expand_path(‘/autoexec.bat’)
=> true
File.exist? ‘/autoexec.bat’
=> false # bug