JRruby, Sybase JDBC and DBI - fetching column names

I have a ruby script which I run using the JRuby Interpreter. The script
connects to a Sybase database using DBI and Sybase JDBC (jTDS3.jar and

My problem is that I have a select query that when I return the result I
change the column names. For example:

t.TRANSACTION as ‘business_transaction’,
t.TRADE_CURRENCY as ‘currency’,
t.CURRENCY as ‘settlement_currency’


My problem is when using the examples directly from the documentation

sth = dbh.execute(stmt)

printf “Number of rows: %d\n”, rows.size
printf “Number of columns: %d\n”, sth.column_names.size
sth.column_info.each_with_index do |info, i|
printf “— Column %d (%s) —\n”, i, info[“name”]

or simply

sth = dbh.execute(stmt)

rows = sth.fetch_all
col_names = sth.column_names
DBI::Utils::TableFormatter.ascii(col_names, rows)

Not ALL the names come out as I set them using the ‘as’ clause in the
query. Some are the original field names and some are the names I have

For example they will list like:

— Column 0 (TRANSACTION) —
— Column 1 (TRADE_CURRENCY) —
— Column 2 (settlement_currency) —



When testing this in Squirrel SQL Client the columns are correctly named
so is this a bug in DBI or the Sybase JDBC drivers? or am I doing
something wrong?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

I posted on:

My first guess would be that this is a problem in DBI. I’m not sure
who’s maintaining DBI right now, though, so I’m not sure who you’d
talk to. Have you tried their mailing list, if they have one? Or their
bug tracker?

It definitely doesn’t seem to be a JRuby-specific issue. Maybe you can
dig into the DBI code a little and see if you can find it yourself?

On Thu, Oct 8, 2009 at 6:43 PM, Carl B. [email protected]

t.TRANSACTION as ‘business_transaction’,

sth = dbh.execute(stmt)
For example they will list like:

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