JRoR plugin loading issue on Websphere


Rails 2.1
JRuby 1.1.4
JDK 1.5
Websphere 6.1

I have a Rails app. that is deployed to Websphere AS 6.1 using Goldspike

We are using engines, and the app. will successfully run using both
standalone MRI/mongrel and standalone JRuby/mongrel. When I package it
up as a WAR file however, I get the following error on loading the
“engines” plugin:

[12/31/08 15:00:18:264 CST] 00000092 WebApp A SRVE0180I:
[Servlet.LOG]: Failed to load Rails: Could not locate the following
plugins: engines

I am certain that the engines plugin is present in the deployed

I’m thinking that maybe I need to do something special with
config.plugin_paths in the Rails initializer block because I am
deploying into a JEE server.

Anyone else ever run into engines loading problems with Rails in a JEE


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