JRoR: Co-existing with Java/Hibernate back end



I’m looking at a project where I’m being asked to focus mostly on the
front-end development. I don’t have all of the details yet, but the
implication is that the model layer is going to be handled completely in
Java, presumably using Hibernate.

This gets me thinking about how to manage the model side of things with
Rails. Do I effectively create a set of non-DB backed models and then
shuttle data back and forth to Hibernate? This feels really not good to

I’m looking for people who have experience working on a JRoR project
where Hibernate was involved. Did you run into issues where the Rails
model layer and Hibernate where competing for management of the same
model objects? Or did you just give each framework non-overlapping
groups of models to manage?

Any feedback is appreciated.

The right answer is not “just use Rails for everything,” btw ;).

Wes G.