JRoR: Auto-loading of JDBC drivers via RAILS_ROOT/lib


Just to verify…

If I place the required JDBC drivers for my application in
RAILS_ROOT/lib, will they automatically be placed in the CLASSPATH for
the JRuby runtime when I start my Rails app.?

If so, what line of code actually causes that to happen?

I have some JARs that are deployed as part of a Rails plugin (so they
aren’t in RAILS_ROOT/lib, they are in
RAILS_ROOT/vendor/plugins/blah/lib, and I would like to simulate this
autoloading that I understand happens in JRoR.

If I’m mistaken about the ability to autoload JDBC drivers by placing
them in RAILS_ROOT/lib, obviously, I need to know about that.

Many thanks,

Some updates:

  1. JAR files placed in RAILS_ROOT/lib will not be auto-require’d into
    the Rails application.

  2. JAR files placed in JRUBY_HOME/lib will be added to the runtime
    CLASSPATH and available to the Rails app.