Journal Articles & Conference Papers

Hello all,

I am about to start my masters dissertation which is focused on Ruby on
Rails and would like to reference some journal articles and conference
papers that relate to Rails.

I will, of course, be searching on Google but I was just wondering if
anyone within the Rails community knows where I might be able to find
Rails-related journal articles and conference papers?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Good luck with that :wink:
There is not much published about ruby on rails for as far as I know.
For an assignment of one of my classes I wrote an essay on Ruby on
Rails and maintainability, maybe some of the reference will be of any
help to you. It is linked to on:


Arjen van Schie
University of Amsterdam


Thank you so much for the link! Very impressive work! I will almost
certainly reference your work as I too will be looking at the
maintainability of Rails.