Joins, Joins, Joins! Or Not?

Good morning,

I have a quick joins-related question:

I have a a list of followings (User following another user’s activity)
which basically have these followed users’ ids under ‘followable_id’.
now what I want to do and finally have is to take these followed users
and check what activities they have. each activity has a .user_id. how
would I do this?

So Basically

A User is following X other Users (polymorphic intermediate model… a
User can also follow discussions etc). Each of those users has a set
of activities.

What I basically want in a ‘speedy’ way is to get all followed users’

I kinda have a problem with the polymorphism of the Follow model, as
apparently I cannot put a has_many relationship into the user model
which would allow me a condition (followable_type = “User”), class
(User) and source (:followable)…

I am kinda lost… been wrangling with join conditions all night :-/

Any ideas / suggestions? Would be highly, highly appreciated…!


i’m not sure if i understand correctly what you are doing. could you
post your models and relations so far?

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