Join Us! Nginx User Summit 2/25 in San Francisco

The Users Have Spoken. So, dont forget the inaugural NGINX User Summit!

Please join us February 25 in San Francisco to learn what’s coming up
with NGINX, and to collaborate with the larger NGINX community.

We’re eager to hear what the users say, and we also look forward to
sharing some insights with you. Some of what you’ll enjoy at the NGINX
User Summit:

  • Igor S., founder of NGINX FOSS and Nginx, Inc., who talk about
    NGINX: Past, Present and Future
  • Yichun Z. (@agentzh), renowned module developer within the NGINX
    ecosystem, who will share his experiences with NGINX, Lua, and Beyond.
  • Cocktails and socializing with other users and the NGINX team with
    drinks sponsored by MaxCDN

We hope to see you next week. Register today!