Johnson 2.0.0 prerelease 2

johnson version 2.0.0.pre2 has been released!

Johnson wraps JavaScript in a loving Ruby embrace. It embeds the Mozilla
SpiderMonkey JavaScript runtime as a C extension.

The 2.0.0 prerelese series include TraceMonkey, the evolution of
SpiderMonkey, which includes among other things a trace-based JIT
compiler for JavaScript. In current prereleases the JIT is enabled for
320bit builds and disabled for 64-bit builds (as they are in the Mozilla

This prerelease includes TraceMonkey from the Firefox 3.6 build branch
and fixes all known issues with split global support, adds support for
multiple normal global objects, and fixes a few bugs.

Since it’s a pre-release, you need to give gem the --prerelease flag to
install it, i.e.,

gem install johnson --prerelease

The prerelease code is in the unstable branch of the git repo.


2.0.0.pre2 / 2010-02-23

• Raise NoMemoryError as appropriate; acccept a size parameter or env
variable for runtime size
• pull latest 1.9.2 SM
• Allow ruby code to create new gobal objects and add preliminary seal
• Clear parent and prototype on new globals
• Cooperate with StackDeck’s new backtrace-manipulating ways.
• remove thread ref to context (allows collection)
• Remove the old spidermonkey extension.
• Fix include guard for base TM header [Quin Hoxie]