Good day to all…hoping to grab someone’s ear on this as I have a
friend in NYC who is CTO at a new start-up that is doing very
well…tons of upside.

They need two Ruby devs to take the site to the next level. Spots are
with base plus bonus and perks. Latest and greatest with all things
I’ll say base to about $125K or so but one or both of these hires can
a team s they grow.

Knowledge of front-end UI skills a major plus. (Javascript/CSS/HTML of
course) Very quick process…one interview at length with a solid
discussion and an offer to come from there. This week he was hopeful to
meet a few folks and as you all know Ruby skill sets are tough to find.
Especially the good ones.

My contact info is [email protected] and phone is 201-682-5872. Feel
to call or email to learn more. (phone preferred)

I can offer as much as a $2,500 referral fee for anyone sent along who
the gig. To include the person themselves who wants to apply. Consider
it a
sign-on bonus

Thanks for spreading the word.
Have a great day.

Dan Gusmerotti