[JOBS] Technical writer familiar with Rails and documenting a RESTful API

I have a short-term contract position opening for a technical writer.
The position is telecommute and is probably a week to 2 weeks worth of
work at full time. Part-time can be accommodated. Pay rate is
negotiable. If you’re experienced and interested, please contact me
at bill at shopkeep dot com.


Any luck with this, Bill? I might be able to do it if the specifics are

Steve R.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for asking. I’ve engaged someone who I think is going to work
out. If not, I’ll give you a shout. Are you interested in some side
work in general? If so, there’s always stuff that needs to be done
that’s important but not urgent enough to get my personal attention
that I’d like help with and can sometimes find budget for. Let me


Hey Bill–

I had to trim the [Rails] out of the header to get this out of my
“general reading” folder. Sorry for the delayed reply. Yes, I am always
interested in extra work (who isn’t?). The best kind is the “not urgent
enough” kind where there is budget :slight_smile:

I didn’t know what kind of tech writing talent was out there and it can
often be tough to find the right kind of person. I managed a writing
group for a number of years in a pretty geeky corner of the computing
world, and it was really hard to find people who actually used an API
to document one. I was kind of feeling your pain when I replied.

If something comes up, please let me know – I’m happy to look at
interesting work!


Steve R.