[JOBS] Technical Architect who can use tech to make a difference :-)!

GiveIndia needs a Senior Technologist: (based out of Mumbai)

This is an excellent opportunity to use the latest web 2.0 tools and
technologies to create change. The candidate will have the space and
freedom to create several new online applications for use by GiveIndia
itself, as well as by NGOs and the giving public across India. The
technology division can be eventually spun off into a separate IT for
NGOs company with the Senior Technologist as one of the Founders.

The right candidate would be a young, technologically brilliant person
who is totally on top of the latest web and database technologies and
believes that the Internet can change society in many more ways than
we have seen so far.

The Senior Technologost, will take charge of, enhance and maintain our
next generation website (currently being designed by Infosys),
including an easy-to-use yet reliable website interface, driven by a
powerful transaction engine and content mgt system and strong
backoffice processing capabilities.

The right candidate would be an ace techie conversant with Java &
transaction processing, ecommerce technologies and open source web
technologies like Drupal, Joomla, Ruby on rails, etc. An aptitude to
“search the net” for plug and play tools and finding “appropriate tech
solutions” to “fix problems” is essential. The candidate would be
between 25-40 years of age, and would have already built at least a
few websites, and is probably working as a Technical Architect in a
large IT firm or as the CTO of a start up.

This is a great opportunity to use your tech skills to make a
difference to India’s future, while preparing yourself to become a

CTC will depend entirely on the person, actually, but likely to be in
higher 5 digits per month for the 1st year, but with a substantial
stake in the new enterprise that the person can start. There are huge
opportunities in the sector where GiveIndia’s networks and domain
understanding will really help. For example, there is an opportunity
for a “website building workshop” combined with a hosted CMS solution
@ Rs8-10K p.a. that could potentially be sold to at least 10,000 NGOs
easily, with a net margin of 50% (cost of sales and training execution
being the only real costs). Then, one can build impact & performance
tracking systems, donor management systems, etc. Most of these can be
marketed on an ASP basis… once the enterprise gets going (and it shd
be designed to generate significant cash from the beginning rather
than need external investments, etc.), the pay can easily double.

About GiveIndia

GiveIndia is India’s leading “philanthropy exchange” that connects
donors to a wide range of credible causes and NGOs across India,
enabling them to choose the cause they would like to support, make
donations conveniently (online, through payroll, etc.), and ensuring
that donors get feedback reports on exactly how their donations were
used. We currently channel approx Rs26cr p.a. from 100,000+ individual
donors to over 210 NGOs all over India. Our key initiatives (internet
fundraising, payroll giving) are “industry leaders” and we’re credited
with innovations like marathon fundraising in India and more recently,
the Joy of Giving Week.

We are working hard towards a scale up strategy that help GiveIndia
reach out to over 1 million individual donors and channel over Rs200
cr p.a., impacting millions of lives every year, in the next 5 years.
Our senior team includes alumni from IIMs, ISB, TISS, CAs and our CEO
was the former head of BNP Paribas in India. We have an enviable Board
and access to some of India’s biggest celebrities and sharpest

The Sr Technologist role is a KEY position that will set us up to make
a big impact on India

Interested candidates should please send in your CV to
[email protected], outlining your technical skills, as well as URLs
of the websites you’ve coded or worked on. Please use “Sr
Technologist” as the subject.