[JOBS] Sr RoR Developer - Austin, TX

Ruby on Rails Senior Developer – Capital Thought

Capital Thought is looking to hire a Senior Ruby On Rails Developer to
join our team. We are looking for a highly motivated, goal-oriented
individual who will be responsible for designing, building and
maintaining sections of the product. The successful candidate should
be a flexible, highly independent worker as well as an excellent team
player, and able to work efficiently under tight deadlines. We’re
committed to being the best place for Ruby on Rails Programmers to
work in Austin.

• Write automated test routines and do manual testing
• Deploy on Amazon Web Services including EC2, S3, SQS
• Produce high quality, well-documented code in Ruby on Rails
• Be ready to lead a team and create a culture that attracts the best
of the best
• Responsible for architectural decisions
• Interact with clients and be proactive in handling concerns & issues

• 4+ year(s) programming experience and good knowledge of Ruby on
• Ability to work in an Agile, Scrum, XP environment
• Good understanding of HTML, CSS and AJAX
• Good understanding of Internet protocols such as TCP/IP, DNS, SMTP,
• Good understanding of Web-based technology as it relates to the web-
hosted model of software delivery
• Hands-on experience working with a MySQL or SQL Server database, SQL
• Excellent organization and communication skills
• BS or equivalent experience


About Capital Thought
Capital Thought is Lean Customer and Product Development for Startups.
We excel at establishing product/market fit. We thrive on uncertainty
and find growing a seedling of an idea - fun! Capital Thought was
founded by Jason Cohen and Joshua B., both having started three tech
companies each and negotiated successful exits. At Capital Thought,
each project is sponsored by one of the founders, so you are assured
your project is being guided by experience. Capital Thought – we are
not just consultants, we are entrepreneurs. Apply:
[email protected]