(JOBS) Senior Software Engineer (Ruby on Rails) / CTO – Health 2.0 Startup

Job opportunity in San Francisco (but telecommuters may be
considered). Feel free to
forward to anyone you think might be interested.

We are San Francisco based, consumer-focused web startup currently in
stealth mode that is focused on a large but underserved medical
market. Weve completed our fist version of our product and are now
working on the next generation for commercial release. Our business
case is that we lower costs for targeted clinical disease management
processes by approximately 85% to 90%, with the about the same level
of effectiveness (as indicated by independent research studies).

We bring clinical assessment and help to the masses through
interactive web applications and guided education, and we take a
unique Web 2.0 community approach for patients and medical
professionals to assess, learn and communicate. We have our first-
generation product currently in clinical trials, and are working on
the next generation commercial application.

Weve worked closely with a team of medical researchers at Dartmouth
Medical School to develop our first generation platform during the
past year, funded by grants from Dartmouth as well as another leading
medical research funding organization (and by the founder). That
first generation product is now in a clinical study at Dartmouth
Medical School / hospital and will expand to at least one other
medical school / hospital. An extensive advisory board of technology/
startup experts, medical researchers (from Dartmouth Medical School,
Harvard/Mass General, University of California, San Francisco, and UC
San Diego) and clinicians are helping guide us in the next phase of
our development.

We are seeking an entrepreneurial senior software engineer with
expertise in building scalable and web applications (based on Ruby on
Rails), to lead the development of the next generation of our design.
This is a CTO position with a VERY significant equity position (double

The position will have a broad responsibility and autonomy to extend
the architecture, design, and implementation, and will work in a
small, motivated team.

Desired Skills:

  • Excellent software development skills with proven experience in
    building scalable web applications, ideally in consumer markets.

  • 2+ years experienced in applications development based on Ruby on
    Rails with database support

  • Demonstrated excellence in developing web-based back-end software
    modules, and also ideally, user interface aspects.

  • Experienced in Agile processes / TDD / Continuous Integration

  • Good Experience in front-end and UI development JavaScript/CSS3/
    AJAX, and a good eye for graphic design is definitely helpful

  • Software development lifecycle experience

  • A growth mindset person who likes to learn and gets things done.
    You have a can-do attitude for anything from server setup and build
    maintenance through to QA and feature delivery

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, team player

  • Ability to achieve results on tight timelines and desire to work in
    a highly-motivated, self-starter environment.

Desired Background:

  • B.Sc. or greater in Computer Science/Engineering or related
    discipline (MSc preferred)

  • 8 Years or more of Professional Software Development experience,
    ideally both at established companies and startup companies, and
    ideally with a some significant experience with consumer-oriented web

Why join us?

  • Were working on real and significant problems of real people, and
    are developing products that will make a significant difference in
    peoples lives. If you want to make a meaningful and measurable
    difference in the world with your work this is for you.

  • This is a ground-floor opportunity for one key member of the team.
    You will get very significant equity in the company, and at the same
    time much of the market, science and technology risk has been
    eliminated due to work during the past 12 months.

  • A proven business model were dramatically lower cost than the
    current manual process used by most medical professionals helping
    people with these disorders. Medical costs are a huge issue in
    society today, and we help solve that problem. By reducing costs and
    improving availability we open the market for tens of millions of
    people who are currently not getting help due to cost, and other

  • The founder of the company is an experienced tech entrepreneur and
    has raised over $60 million in two past ventures - but the current
    venture is being bootstrapped until we have revenue. Our advisory
    board includes medical researchers and practitioners who are leaders
    in their field, as well as other technical entrepreneurs who have
    built successful VC-backed Internet companies.

  • We have a results oriented culture and were passionate about what
    we do.

This is an ideal opportunity for either a Ruby consultant who is tired
of the hourly work/ pay model and would prefer to develop a product
that will provide long term revenue and equity upside, or a person who
is working for a larger company that isnt excited about their job and
wants to do something more meaningful and with a lot more financial

This position is either a part-time with a phase into full-time, or
full-time depending upon your availability, flexibility and financial

For more information, please email us your resume.

Things we are not interested in:

  • No contractors, outsourcers, development firms, etc. This is a
    position where you will be an extremely important part of the team.

  • No recruiters please