JOBS: Seeking Ruby On Rails Developer - Rupture San Francisco

Rupture is a new service for gamers that allows them to take control
of their gaming identity and interact and track their own communities
across all games and platforms. Rupture’s innovative feature set will
allow you to access and share your personal game data, purchase and
manage games and build your community from the web, your desktop and
inside of the game environment. Rupture is looking for experienced
superstars to help us change the way people game.

Role Overview
A Ruby on Rails Web Engineer works as part of a team of software
engineers and developers to develop and support online applications,
with specific relation to online social networking. Working directly
with Technical Web Lead to determine development resources and
requirements in order to build, maintain and enhance high-quality
online applications. Key responsibilities include: identifying
platforms, determine technical needs and ideal development (internal
v. external), design, implement, test, debug and maintain code;
develops and writes efficient, high quality and cost effective code
that meets/exceeds all of the requirements; understand technical and
functional requirements and develops documents to accurately reflect
and address all of the requirements; provide task dependencies,
priorities and time estimates; coordinate work with other team
members; creates prototypes for internal proof of concept and
approval; create leading edge reusable and scaleable web technologies,
both systems and engines if required; profile and optimize software
components of web applications and technical solutions; manages bugs/
defects according to team best practices; proactively identifies
system inefficiencies and recommends solutions; assists in physical
and logical database design

What skills does Rupture look for?

A Rupture Ruby on Rails Web Engineer normally possesses: a Bachelor
degree in Computer Science or related field, or equivalent training
and professional experience; 5+ years of online service and
applications development experience; experience with scripting
languages such as Ruby, Python, Perl, PHP, etc; delivered highly-
available and scalable enterprise online service; solid understanding
of object oriented methodologies and technologies, client server and
internet system architectures; in depth knowledge of web applications
and services development and deployment; in depth knowledge of user
interface/front-end development (HTML, CSS, Javascript, AJAX); solid
understanding of web development patterns such as MVC and Portal, Push
and Pull; relational Database programming experience using SQL: hands-
on experience with Microsoft SQLServer, MySQL and/or Oracle databases.
Development experience using ORM tools (e.g. Hibernate); in depth
knowledge of Extensible Languages such as XML and XSL; experience with
Software Configuration Management systems (e.g. Perforce); feel very
comfortable to analyze and debug complex systems; willingness to work
with different technologies upon request. Key performance competencies
(Non Technical Skills) include: excellent verbal and written
communication skills; excellent decision making capabilities;
excellent detail-oriented, problem solving skills. Must be able to
quickly identify issues and know when to escalate them to the
Development Director and Technical Lead; ability to work in a dynamic
and collaborative team environment; ability to quickly learn and apply
new concepts, principles and solutions; demonstrates dependability and
commitment to projects/tasks; focus on quality at all stages of
production; able to adapt to a constrained schedule and perform under
pressure; strong multitasking and organizational skills. Additional
skills that an ideal candidate can demonstrate include: have been
through at least one full SDLC; have been working in an Agile
development environment; 2+ years of online game industry experience;
familiar use of rich media application coding such as Flash
Actionscript 2.0/3.0; development experience using Open Source
software; experience using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and/or
Eclipse; experience with J2EE application server such as JBoss,
Weblogic or Websphere, and/or .NET web service/WCF, ADO.NET;
experience with development & deployment in Linux/Unix and Windows

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