[JOBS] SCEA San Diego

Are you interested in a Ruby on Rails position at Sony Computer
Entertainment America LLC? Working here is really great, I promise!

Position Overview:
Support PlayStation Online Games by developing and supporting in
production a high complexity, service oriented application that offers
online functionality for PS3, PSP, and PS2 games. The application
handles online features such as player login, stats, matchmaking,
community features, and chat. It is written in Ruby on Rails and makes
use of leading-edge technologies such as Redis and Resque.

This position is responsible for working directly with the game teams
to implement online functionality in their titles, using our Rails-
based framework. Success will require in-depth knowledge of Ruby on
Rails, MySQL, XML/JSON, REST, XHTML, CSS, and Linux system concepts.
Familiarity with Sinatra, Redis, Memcache, and NoSQL alternatives also
desired. This position will involve developing features in the Ruby on
Rails framework, as well as deploying them to the Amazon Web Services
(EC2/S3) platform.

Senior Online Developer @ SCEA SD