[JOBS] RUBY @ Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC (SAN DIEGO)

Hello List!

Guess what we’re using to build the software that makes your PS3 and
PSP games rock online? You got it!
So please, stop acting like you are not interested and come help us at
SDOD (San Diego Online Development). Hurry up, we are getting really

I didn’t really need to mention this, but the pay is great, benefits
are excellent and colleagues are awesome. Bonuses, relocation
assistance, employee discounts, flexible hours…

Take Modnation Racers: I just got my name in the credits, isn’t
that cool? Well, I also built http://community.modnation.com
Working for the PLAYSTATION is just awesome, do you have what it

Send me an email to receive the official job post: 2 positions
available for Sr. Online Engineer.

Emanuele T.