[JOBS] Ruby on Rails developer wanted

We are looking for a Ruby on Rails developer to join our team.

Our company, www.icanlocalize.com runs an online translation service
and uses RoR for our translation server. We are looking for someone to
maintain our existing system and continue future development work.


* 3+ years of general web development experience and 2+ years of

Ruby on Rails experience required
* Strong background in HTML, CSS and JavaScript
* MySql, Apache, Linux

Knowledge in these areas would help:

* Python
* Prototype / jQuery
* WordPress / Drupal

About the job
You will be responsible for designing and implementing a web-based
translation system that connects professional (human) translators with
Our system currently servers thousands of clients and translators from
all over the world. We are looking to build the next generation.

This is a remote position. You will work from your home and
collaborate using Skype, Basecamp and SVN.

Preferred location Australia. Other locations may be considered -
Perth timezone +/- 3 hours

Applying for the Job
Please submit your resume via email to Bruce Pearson:
[email protected]