[JOBS] Ruby on Rails Developer @ SideReel.com


SideReel is looking for a talented RoR developer to join our
engineering team in San Francisco. We may be a profitable 3 year old
startup, but SideReel is brand new to Ruby on Rails. Unlike other
startups, we’ve got some serious traffic and intend to put Rails to
the test. Someone once told us we were crazy to re-write our app in
Rails, but they were really lazy so we ignored them. If you’re looking
for a fun challenge to sink your coffee-stained teeth into, you’ve
just found it.

We need an experienced Ruby on Rails web dev to become a core part of
our team for the long-haul. Process-wise, we use a test-driven
approach to engineering including most elements of Extreme
Programming. We work at a sustainable pace and do rapid product
iterations, frequent prototyping, and have a fanatical belief in user
feedback. We test early and often. We’re very interested in how we can
improve how we do what we do.

The ideal candidate is a Ruby/Rails expert who:

  • Has shipped multiple high-traffic Rails sites
  • Has published or maintained a Ruby Gem or Rails Plugin

You must be at least this tall to ride:

  • Have shipped a Ruby (with or without Rails) web project
  • Have significant javascript expertise
  • Love working with and in teams
  • Be excited about Agile software development

To apply, please send interwebs mail to [email protected] with
your resume and a brief note about yourself.

For a more detailed description, you can also check out our jobs page
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Rob Morgan
SideReel, Inc.