[JOBS] Ruby on Rails Developer @ SideReel.com

Hi there,

We’re looking to add an experienced Ruby/Rails developer to our team
here at SideReel in San Francisco. SideReel.com is a fast-growing web
site with millions of users that aims to be the center of the online
TV world. We are a small established start-up located on the top floor
of an old brick office building south of Market Street in San
Francisco. We offer competitive salaries, great vacation time,
significant equity and paid benefits. SideReel is a great place to

About the job:
We are looking for an experienced Ruby on Rails software engineer to
help build a community-based site focused on helping people find great
entertainment online. We are a small, relatively experienced team that
is passionate about learning and dedicated to continuous improvement.
Joining now means that you’ll have tremendous influence over the
technology, features, the direction of the product, and the culture of
the company.

Process-wise, we use a test-driven approach to engineering including
some elements of Extreme Programming. We’re focused on rapid product
iterations, frequent prototyping, and a fanatical belief in user
feedback. We test early and often. We’re very interested in how we can
improve how we do what we do.

The ideal candidate is a Ruby/Rails expert who:

  • Has shipped multiple high-traffic Rails sites
  • Has published or maintained a Ruby Gem or Rails Plugin

You should be skilled in many of following areas:

  • jQuery + Rails
  • Memcache
  • Java/J2EE
  • Rspec
  • CSS
  • Cucumber/Integration testing

You must be at least this tall to ride:

  • Have shipped a Ruby (with or without Rails) web project
  • Have significant javascript expertise
  • Love working with and in teams
  • Be excited about Agile software development

Please respond with at least 2 of the 4 following pieces of

  • What previous projects are you particularly proud of?
  • What interests you about working for an early start-up?
  • What are your favorite agile development practices, and how have
    they helped you?
  • What excites you about software development in general?

To apply, please email us at [email protected] with the above
requested information and your resume.