[JOBS] Ruby Developer in San Francisco Bay Area (city)

Hi all you sweet, sweet people.

Just wanted to make a quick announcement to anyone out there looking
for a new opportunity.


Think Twitter for what you Purchase.
Service that allows you to automatically share your credit card
transactions as you make them (totally secure!!). This includes the
place you made the purchase, the amount, and in some cases, the item.


Crushing the development of high performance applications.
Adding value to the company and the team.
Loving what you do (and our product!!)


Three+ “real world” experience (jobs, internships, Open Source
involvement, etc) preferred (show us your portfolio)


Programming isn’t a job, it is a way of life
Gets things done
Excellent communication skills
Guns loaded and ready to rock and roll
Creative ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking
Social, team player
Ruby on Rails
Linux or Unix
Object Oriented Programming
Web based design knowledge (PHP, AJAX, (D)(X)HTML, CSS, Javascript)

College degree in Computer Science or related field preferred; would
consider highly skilled candidate without a degree or with unrelated
degree (show us your experience); advanced degree would be sweet


Salary + Equity + Bonus

(just closed 30 million in funding - salary is competitive)

Also have some other Ruby positions open in the City and San Mateo…
If interested, please shoot me over an email or give me a call!

Ryan Tiberti
[email protected]