JOBS - RoR developer in Austin, Texas


How would you like to move to Austin, Texas??

Does a reduction in cost of living, lower taxes, lower costs in
general, economy that is beating the rest of the US, highly
concentrated technical community / opportunities, excellent higher
education options, lots of sunshine and warm in the winter, interest

If so, I have a customer that is looking for 3 Developers… These are
permanent positions with a 3 year old profitable start up company that
is growing like gangbusters!!!

Pays 60K to $90K - plus stock options and benefits

Our customer desires a very creative / unique software developer and
has a passion for developing simple, easy to use web sites / GUIs.

Minimum Requirements:

" Application development background in Ruby on Rails
(preferred), Python, (second preference) C# .NET or Java
" Must have a strong desire to code with Ruby on Rails
" Must have some familiarity with Ruby on Rails
" Experience with CSS and HTML
" Strong experience in hand coding in JavaScript
" Requires a Technical Bachelors degree (Computer Science
" Must be creative in approach to development
" Must be able to code in a way that makes the application very
simple and user friendly


" Under-achievers need not apply!
" Looking for energetic, aggressive, overachievers
" Must WANT to work for a start-up! Prefer someone that has
worked for a startup.

If you are interested, please shoot me an email and I will contact you
in short order.