[JOBS] Rails work available with Surplustronics in Auckland

Surplustronics is a leading New Zealand sound, lighting, and electronics
retailer and online store. We have the need for a contract programmer to
start immediately on completing some projects, making adjustments on
working software, a new website or 2 and a POS system for our new retail

We are seeking someone who can work 20-30 hours per week until the task
achieved, and ongoing support thereafter. (may even be nearly full time
the start.)

Work includes

*Rails 2.3 existing software adjustments, (really the software using 2.3
needs to be rewritten so will keep someone busy)

*rails 4 website adjustments and completing project,

*new websites to be built.

*Domain and VPS experience helpful

*Trademe API work included (and feeds)

Please get in touch with [email protected] or phone 09-8375020
a chat.


I’m situated in Denmark - and just finished a 5 year RoR contract

Been programming C, Java, Visual Basic, PHP and since 2005 Ruby

The Rails framework has worked for me this far :slight_smile:

Keen on doing a good job and if my geolocation continues to be a problem

  • well, than we’ll deal with that :slight_smile: