[jobs] Philadelphia, PA position

The position below is an entry level web developer who’s familiar with
a modern scripting language framework (like Ruby or Python, not Java
or PHP) and some front-end/UI work using JavaScript/AJAX/etc. Slight
emphasis on the front-end stuff

The company is located in Center City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Offers great benefits, salary and wonderful work environment.
Looking for recent graduates or someone who attended/attends school
and is willing to work full time.
Young environment
Looking for dedicated web developers to join the company’s engineering
Work closely with engineering team
Innovate to improve core technologies
Think outside the box / be highly creative
Be willing to learn new technologies
Enthusiasm for solving interesting problems and a willingness to learn
Python or Ruby on Rails experience [2+ years preferred, NOT required]
Self-motivated and reliable a MUST
Experience with JavaScript
Experience with Django, dojo, prototype, scriptalicious, jQuery, YUI
Experience with Subversion
Extensive knowledge of open source software
Experience writing and using APIs
Looking for someone with ideal experience of 2+ years. Experience with
Ruby on Rails or Python; Javascript; Dojo or Django or Prototype or
Scriptalicious, or jQuery or YUI.

Contact: Caroline Poroski, IT recruiter for Xsell Resources
[email protected] 215-706-4500