[JOBS] Help build some product in London

We have a three month contract (maybe longer) for an amazing Ruby dev
to come and help us build some prototype/proof of concept products at
our studio in London.

We’ve been given money by the UK Technology Strategy Board to create
three proof of concept public services. That means no clients or
anything - its kind of like doing three startups at once! In summary
we’re going to make a new type of young offender management service
(foursquare for criminals), a social care swapping service and a
neighbourhood book sharing app.

We may also have more work on one of our more mature apps, a mood
management service for people recovering from mental illness.

If you are interested there’s more info on the position here:

I’m intrested, send me email at [email protected] for more detials



Nick Marsh wrote in post #989203:

That means no clients or anything

Oh but you DO have clients, you just don’t know them yet.

Involve elements of your projected user base(s) now, and you might find
a much higher adoption rate later…