[JOBS] Hacker / Co-Founder - Start-up - Equity Basis | www.seriousoffer.com

We’re a small team of serial start-uppers based in the South East of
England. We’re looking for a co-founder come technical partner to get
involved in a whole new project. The concept has been defined and tested
and the commercial aspects of the project have been worked out. We need
find an individual capable of building a website from scratch to meet
(fairly simple) business requirements. The site itself will be
straightforward in that there’s no really difficult functionality
to realise the concept. As we’re looking for someone to be involved from
the get-go the amount of equity on offer reflects the fact that this is
very much an opportunity for someone looking for a serious stake in a
business that could become successful in a short amount of time.
we would like this person to participate in the planning discussion /
process who can then go on and complete the work remotely. The position
work from our offices in Central London if this suits, but we are
happy for someone to be based remotely And/Or work on this project
other paid work assignments. Please email Haydn on
[email protected][email protected]if you’re interested to
discuss (please include a contact number)