[JOBS] A NJ/NYC based RoR developer

We are a Digital Engagement shop based in the NYC area. We are looking
a two RoR developers to join our team of designers and developers
preferably a SR and Jr, - salary commensurate with experience. Great
environment. Awesome clients. Good benefits. Sane working hours. Please
reply to mklein at nj dot RR.com. This would be for on-site work./ Not
looking for outsource at this time. Please no recruiters, no India based
shops need apply. Available immediately. TIA.


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Please don’t bump. If no one has responded to it, leave it go. Also,
please do not top post.

Try linkedin.

Facebook it is also a great option for hiring developer.

But, for what I can say, it would be very difficult to hire someone with
this specifications.

The professionals here prefer remote jobs.

Alexandre Mondaini Calvo

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