Jobs - 3 to 4 Developers

I am looking for Ruby on Rails developers for web and mobile
applications. I ideally require 3 to 4 developers immediately for a
company in downtown Toronto.

Here is the job description, please email if you are intrested


•Designing and developing data-driven applications including marketing/
promotional websites, corporate websites, administration tools,
fantasy pools, fantasy tools, contests and social media tools.
•Work closely with senior web developer to ensure the quality and
integrity of the internet and application development environment for

Minimum Qualifications:

•Minimum 2 years .Net development experience using Microsoft’s suite
of development tools (VS 2003/2005)
•Experience handling full development cycle of software applications
on Microsoft platform.
•Strong systems background. Ability to understand complex systems and
technologies the system is built on.
•Solid understanding of relational databases with SQL scripting with
Structured Query Language (SQL) and T-SQL.
•Experience designing and implementing Web Pages using HTML, Dynamic
HTML, JavaScript, Cascading style sheets (CSS).
•Proven skills and working experience with Microsoft .NET technologies
with ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, Java, and web services with Visual Studio
•Working experience with Web architecture, IIS, ASP.NET, Web Services.
•Must have Design Patterns experience in software development.
•Understanding of Web 2.0 and social media concepts


•Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
•Capable of working independently on multiple projects to meet strict
•Obtained or plans to obtain within the next 6-12 months a Microsoft
development certification (MCAD/MCSD)
•Excellent verbal and written communication skills
•Willingness to stay on top of the latest technologies and to continue
to build upon current skill set

Not even one requirement related to ruby. Are you sure, you are
looking for ruby developers?

  • Artiom.

Hi Artiom;

Yes I am looking for ruby developers. Would you be intrested? or did you
have someone in mind?


Jason Vaz