[job] Wanted: Tech Advisor & Adventure &/or Social Change-Seeking Web app & Mobile app developers/

Wanted: Adventure &/or Social Change-Seeking Web app & Mobil app
developers/cofounders & Tech Advisor

For unusual web app startup with huge social value and financial
potential, and also for fun mobile apps.

MISSION: The web app is a conceptual advance in using the Internet to
help couples to save and/or revitalize their marriages/relationships.

SOCIAL CHANGE ANGLE: If you are someone who’s madder than hell and
won’t take it any longer, who’s upset enough about what is happening
to America or the planet to devote a sizeable chunk of your time and
talents to do something about it, without risking many months of your
time, and with huge potential social and financial upsides please read
on. Founder (moi) wants to donate most of my own profits to urgent
and important causes that hopefully you love, plus the one that is top
on your list.

ADVENTURE ANGLE: The founder/CEO (moi) plans to leave soon for
Colombia and VZ for 1-2 mo, so this is also an opportunity, if you
are free to travel, for some glorious adventure and fun in some
gorgeous places on the planet. So the journey will at least be worth

TITLES: open to your having almost whatever title you want if you
finish the beta, and even being the co-CEO.
The tech advisor is just a 1-2hr/wk thing, to ensure we choose the
right engineers, get the code drops every week or more often, make
whatever suggestions you wish (can also be a CTO position if willing
to put in more time).

FINANCIAL Potential: $5-10mm/mo. which i hopefully can prove. (See
chances of success note below)

• Blue Ocean market, huge potential untapped demand (35MM unhappy
couples, most willing to pay $5/wk for what we offer)
• BP was a finalist in a top Univ Biz school competion and semi
finalist in the Stanford social venture competitions;
• Impressive 3 person team (founder is successful PhD psychologist
successful prior entrepreneur in TV documentaries, and alternative
schools) , most of the wireframes as well as detailed PRD done;
• Clever marketing and viral marketing strategies
• Well received alpha (unfortunately in asp), and more.
[Yes, i know you are thinking only 1 in a 100 startups succeed, but I
believe with all we have going (rare combination among startups) our
odds are at least 50:50. And if not a financial home run, this will
at least save thousands of marriages/committed relationships, which on
your deathbed you will fee much better about than how much money you

REQUIREMENTS (will send detailed list when we hear from you)
mid to senior level web app developer (PT OK)
at least one impressive web app to show (not just screen shots)
passionate for our mission.
Prefer someone who can work fulltime for 2-3 months (ie just retired
or laid off) otherwise half time could work if we find other PT

Plus if you’ve gone through a tough divorce, or otherwise been deeply
affected by one.

COMPENSATION: $10k left of my savings (many angels waiting to see the
beta) , working hard to raise $10k more, plus can put $10k lien on
house, plus of course generous equity (like willing to offer up to 7
points less than what I end up getting), and the same as me if also
committed like me to fund and/or invest in urgent important social
change causes with profits. Since this is way less than your lowest
rates, consider the adventure travel option, traveling with me to help
me find the right talent, maybe recent grad from top CS school in
Colombia or VZ. $15k would be enough for their rates.
Also willing to give first $20k of gross profits from mobile apps to
the web app developer. (I am the national domain expert for the
proposed mobile app)

Write me at [email protected] with short cover letter to give me
sense of what you think of the mission. I will then send detailed
backgrounders on us.
Be sure in sub box to put:
Developer or Tech Advisor /[how you heard of this] [where you live]

BE SURE: TO put city and phone contact info in your signature as well

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