[JOB] Vodpod.com needs a Rails Developer

I’m one of the engineers Vodpod.com, a community powered video site
based in San Francisco. We’re currently a small team of 4, and are
looking to add a 5th. Although we are located in SF, working remotely
can be arranged, as long as
you can spend a few days in SF every couple of months.

We’re looking for smart, motivated, “jack of all trades” types who are
just as comfortable with slinging RoR code as they are with fixing up
a nasty MySQL query that’s “using filesort; using temporary” and
pinning the DB. We work in a fast paced environment where priorities
are frequently changing, and the ability to juggle multiple tasks at
once while also handling user supports requests is crucial. We
currently reach about 6mm unique visitors a month on about 20mm
pageviews, so if you like dealing with scaling and performance and
seeing your code get used by millions, then I think you’d love working
with us.

Strong opinions on what constitutes a good user experience is
important, as is a good eye for design (you needn’t be a designer, but
if you think drudgereport.com is a good looking site, then this
probably isn’t for you!).

We’re backed by True Ventures, the folks behind Wordpress and Meebo,
and have a couple of years cash in the bank.

If you’re interested, check out http://vodpod.com and
and shoot us an email (and mention this group).


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