[JOB] Telecommute RoR/CTO Candidate Screener

I have a client located in Miami Lakes, FL looking to hire someone to
interview and technically vet some Lead RoR/CTO candidates they might
want to hire, but don’t have the technical ability to do so
themselves, so I’m looking for a very senior RoR developer or CTO/Tech
Lead person with a couple of hours to spare for some easy money. Your
job is to interview the candidates they are considering hiring. You
will call up the candidates, get a sense of personality, technical
ability and so on and then report your findings to my client. I don’t
know what one charges for a gig like this (I’m thinking $100 per
screen), but your rate for candidate-screening can be discussed
directly with my client. I’m not even charging them for this service
on my end. This job can be conducted from your home/office or even
during your lunch break or heck, you can do it from the RoR meetup
you’re attending later tonight during a smoke break, but I/they would
prefer this to be done during regular biz hours.

To be considered for this gig I will need to see your resume, but have
no fear. I am not a resume collector or email harvester. I just want
to make sure I’m sending them senior/qualified individuals capable of
the task at hand.

By the way, although they have some candidates they are considering,
they would also look at some Lead RoR Developer/CTO candidates from me
if I had any so if you are interested in applying for this position
I’ll be happy to share company information with you. This role pays
110-160k + benefits and even includes relocation assistance to the
Miami Lakes or surrounding area. Once again I will need your resume,
and salary requirements as well.

If you’ve interviewed RoR Developers before, please mention your
experience when replying. I told them I’d send them come candidates
for this screening gig today and hopefully some Lead RoR/CTO
candidates too.

The screening gig can be conducted from anywhere, but please reside in
the US of A and have a strong command of the English language.

To be considered, please submit your resume and applicable information
to opensourcestaffing|AT|gmail.com

Thank you,
Beau J. Gould