JOB: Software Engineer - API/Backend

VerticalResponse, Inc is a leading provider of self-service email and
direct mail solutions and is seeking a Software Engineer - API/
Backend. We’ve been recognized as one of the top 100 best places to
work in the bay area and top 100 fastest growing businesses in San
Francisco (SF Biz Times) as well as one of the top 500 fastest growing
businesses in the country ( Over the past 8 years we have
helped thousands of small businesses look like giants with easy-to-use
and affordable marketing tools and we’re looking to extend our rapid
growth in 2010 and beyond.
“Work hard, play hard" sounds so cliché but it’s really the best way
to describe VR. To say we’re passionate about helping small businesses
grow is an understatement and to say we take ourselves too seriously
along the way is an overstatement. Our employees thrive on challenges
and we celebrate our hard-won accomplishments with a weekly libation.
You will usually see us, including our CEO, in our jeans and with our
nose to the stone.

We are looking for a highly-skilled software developer to join our
technology team. This is a high-octane, high-profile job for someone
who has the required experience.

Responsibilities Include:
• Working with product management in an agile environment
• Developing new features and related documentation and maintaining
existing code using Ruby on Rails, and OO Perl
• Developing and maintaining test cases using Ruby Test::Unit or
• Creating and maintaining RPM spec files and building and deploying
• Deployment of software releases to QA, Staging and Production
• Database design for and performance tuning of any new features that
you develop
• Working with the customer service team and development partners to
troubleshoot and diagnose API and other performance issues
• Sharing information with other employees via the company Wiki, and
presentations to the engineering team

Requirements Qualifications:
• Has solid knowledge of Ruby on Rails and/or OO Perl and MVC
• Knows Linux system administration, GNU utilities, and RPM management
inside and out
• Is fluent in SQL, including experience with queries, normalized and
denormalized design, stored procedures/triggers and using abstractions
such as ActiveRecord
• Has a thorough understanding of the HTTP Protocol with the ability
to design and implement RESTful and SOAP Web Services
• Is completely comfortable with all aspects of Unix and open source
software usage
• Detailed knowledge of using Apache with a mongrel cluster,
mod_passenger and/or mod_perl
• Experience designing and maintaining Resource/Service-oriented
• Has developed and maintained complex server systems that serve high-
volume consumer sites
• Has been responsible for source management, software installation,
and environment control (dev, qa, prod) for server applications
• Must be an energetic “self-starter” with the ability to work
independently and within a team with strong verbal, written and
interpersonal skills
• Pays attention to detail and is able to meet deadlines
• Has lots of hard-earned (and correct) ideas about how to develop web
applications the right way
• Wants to learn, obsess, and teach others about cool technical stuff
• An intimate understanding of issues involving the sending and
processing high volumes of emails would be a big plus
• Sense of humor is essential

Software Engineer - API/Backend in San Francisco, CA
Please submit resume to:">here to