Job: small image bank


I’m working on a image bank for a nature photographer well known here
in Brazil, and I’m looking for a rails developer to outsource the
programming to.

I’m looking for somebody with a good grip on using rails with a lot of
image uploading and processing, thumbnailing etc, as well as tagging
and searching in general. Work would be entirely by telecommute.
Unless you’re in São Paulo and would like to have a chope to talk
about the project, I don’t care where you work from.

I’m a web developer too, so you’ll be working with somebody who speaks
your language.

the spec is currently being written, but it won’t have much else than
the common functionality found in imagebanks. it’ll have tagging and
“light tables”, whereby users can select pics and save their sets. I’m
also looking for a way to integrate it with a local digital image
archiving system, which can still be redefined at this point.

the budget isn’t very high in dollars or euros, as it’s in local
currency (U$ 1 = R$ 2.4), and since this first phase involves a lot of
non-programming work on my end. But there will be subsequent phases
which will pay better, provided this first one is done well. The
client is the most prominent nature photographer in Brazil, and is
currently expanding his business outside the country. There are
already 2 future phases set to happen - one for i18n and another for
adding e-commerce - for which there’ll be dedicated budgets for
programming. Also, there are plans to sell this image bank to one of
the blockbuster operations out there (corbis or getty), and a
comission deal might be worked out.

if you’re interested, please contact me at
email: trabalho at oliverbarnes dot com
msn messenger: oli_azevedo_bar at hotmail dot com
google talk: ol1barn3s
aim: oliver azevedo b
skype: digiberber

happy new year,