Job: ruby engineer 東京



we are a tokyo-based mobile content developer creating a social
network for mobile phones. The service is built in ruby and we are
looking for some developers to work together toward release.

The site is pure ruby, not rails. (the admin system is rails)

We are looking for developers at a number of levels from writing C
extensions to implementing the core feature set.

We have developed our own ruby>flash server also, so some learning
time will be needed.

Required Skills:

knowledge of Ruby! Flash a plus.

Rails is a parallel project, but we are looking for rails people too.

japanese optional! If you like ramen we can mail you some.

Employment terms: Hourly, flexible, telecommuting.

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  David "DC" Collier

mailto:[email protected]valid
+81 (0)80 6521 9559
skype: callto://d3ntaku

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