JOB RoR Developer - Sydney Timezone


I’m looking for a RoR developer for 2 projects. It’ll be about 2 weeks
I can do these projects, I just have a lot of things on the go at the
and require help - The situation is; want it done now, how much to do
Also if it means 2 people; one working on each project, this’ll work as

  • Enquiry distribution site = lots of content sites have enquiry
    forms (all related industry/product), need the information gathered
    these sites into a single site. Then we can email it to someone or
    use the
    information directly. Features: record information, search
    forward information, xml feed information to external resources. AJAX
    interface. Fairly straight forward.

  • A directory site = using existing database of information generate
    directory site like a online catalogue. The database of information
    directory specific information added on to it. This site will need to
    SEO’d with http://www.domain.tld/category/product.html URLs (which I
    haven’t figured out how to do with Rails yet - so you’ll need to be
    able to
    do this as cleanly as possible - using LiteSpeed) also variational
    meta tags
    depending on product. This will be a Frontend/Backend system. It
    needs to be like a static site generated dynamically. AJAX backend
    requirement - or at least the ability for me to come in after and add
    the AJAX parts. This project is a bit more involved then the above
    one; this
    one is the main focus.

Also part of it will be setting up/using (I can set it up…)

  • trac
  • svn
  • this is really open - there needs to be something to support each
    (or all projects) I haven’t settled on a way to organise this yet and
    open to suggestions.

Who I am.
I am an infrastructure IT Guy who can code (background in Java, recently
picked up PHP not liking it… Been using RoR for a few weeks, love its
of working - switched from Java purely from a resource usage view - I
VPS accounts). Building infrastructure is where its at for me.
I’ve been building Joomla sites heavily SEO’d (whitehat) - with this
built the infrastructure these sites all run on, I’ve implemented my
global DNS (have lots of domains, need maximum flexibility - love
I’m a business partner in the company ZN Dynamic (we don’t have a
yet - purely because everything we are about right now doesn’t include
external clients yet). I’m the IT/Solution Deliver in this Web
partnership. Zane handles business related activities and the content

What I’m looking for.
Someone who can take the ideas above, add some of their own, say “that
work, we can do this”. Ideally you’d be in Sydney and can come out to
Artarmon. This isn’t a requirement. If you are in the +8 to +12 GMT
that would work; again this isn’t hard coded - it’s a workability thing.
can certainly work with people who are up for the job anywhere and am
to working with people who want to produce results.
I need you to be in the Convention over Configuration model that Ruby
The admin interfaces will be AJAX - I don’t want any screen redraws in

  • I’ve coded a PHP Lead management system that is purely AJAX, it can be
    done. I used Prototype, if you think JQuery will be a better fit - that
    works for me. I’ll learn whatever needs to be learned to get the job
    Some tools work better on different jobs.
    You wont need to handle look and feel. I’ll be assisting as well, where
    needed (time and all that).
    When your done, I’ll be able to pick it up and go with it.

In terms of dollars? 2 weeks is more the requirement here; If it means
AU$100/hr and you can have it all done in 40hours that’s a possibility.

Be in touch :smiley:

Nicholas O.