[Job] ROR Developer Job - Palo Alto, CA - A2Z Development (An Amazon.com Company)

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Full Time - Senior Software Development Engineer - A2Z Development
Center (An Amazon.com Company), Palo Alto

== UnSpun ==

UnSpun by Amazon is a product being developed by A2Z Development
Center, Palo Alto (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amazon.com). UnSpun
allows a community of users to create, populate, and vote on lists, to
find the best, the worst, and the most interesting in any category.
UnSpun got started as a sample application of Amazon¹s Mechanical Turk
service, but we got a bit carried away when we realized how fun and
useful the lists and rankings are. We saw that existing methods for
community collaboration on the Web aren’t good at developing consensus
rankings. If you do a web search for sexiest movies, you might find
websites that have lists of sexiest movies, but each will be the
opinion of the individual who authored that website. UnSpun fills that
niche by providing a platform for community consensus rankings.

UnSpun provides a type of data that really isn¹t available elsewhere
on the web. Our data appears on on our own site, integrated on the
Amazon.com site, and on sites across the internet through our RSS
feeds and interactive widgets. Your contributions will expand the
usefulness, reach, and reliability of our data‹making FullUnSpun the
place to go for any kind of community rankings.

== Role ==

You will be responsible for the architecture and implementation of
UnSpun. This will include design, engineering, and implementation of
new features, as well as scaling of UnSpun by integrating the current
systems with Amazon Web Services systems.

== Environment ==

You will be part of a small team that is focused on designing,
building, and running UnSpun. We get to work, get things done, and
have plenty of time for our personal lives. We conceive of ideas,
bounce them off one-another, and implement them. On a day-to-day
basis, 99% of your time will be conceiving, designing, and coding
(with little time spent in meetings and other activities that get in
the way of delivering product).

UnSpun has its own office space in the heart of downtown Palo Alto,
just steps from the CalTrain station.

== Qualifications ==

  • 5+ years experience in software development with a track record of
    delivering products (Bachelors degree (Masters/PhD preferred) or
    equivalent experience)
  • Experience developing and operating highly available, highly
    reliable systems in a 24x7 environment
  • Able to work as a member of a distributed development team
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Able to handle multiple competing priorities in a fast-paced

== You should have the following technical skills: ==

  • Ruby or Ruby on Rails, or a willingness to learn it (and
    demonstrable expert-level proficiency in another OO language like Java
    or C++)
  • Javascript, CSS, JSON, and DHTML
  • Linux and the command-line tools for analyzing a running system,
    automating jobs, and running a website.
  • SQL with full tool belt for tuning the MySQL stack from queries and
    indexes all the way back to server variables
  • Scalable website architectures (“LAMP”, caching, “share nothing”
    architectures, distributed software, etc.)

== Compensation ==

We offer competitive compensation packages, including comprehensive
health, dental, and vision care, Amazon.com stock grants, 401(k) with
matching, parking, Caltrain passes, and Amazon.com discount.

== Join Us! ==

Send your resume to [email protected] and join our team.

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