[JOB] RoR Developer / Engineer

Key Role/Responsibilities/Needs:

  • Work with product owners, architects, developers, testers and other
    stake holders in the clients organization and in Mindfire to build
    maintain software solutions
  • Get specifications/wire frames/ mock-ups and translate them into
    scalable, high performance, robust web app!
  • Responsible to write and maintain clean, well written code, as per
    best practices.
  • Very comfortable with daily stand-up meetings with clients, update
    daily work progress via Project Management systems, voice/video
    online collaboration using screen-sharing tools.
  • Exposure/experience in agile development practices

*Mandatory Skills: *

  • Expert level skills in OOPS concepts
  • Excellent in Ruby 1.9x, 2.x, meta programming
  • Excellent knowledge of Rails 3.x or 4.x
  • Experience in using Rails Engine
  • Full stack web development expertise (HTML, Javascript, CSS/Less,
  • Good experience with active account on Git, Github/Bitbucket or
    similar SCM tools
  • Excellent debugging and trouble shooting skills [Client side,
    side, Database]
  • Knowledge and skills in static code analysis and performance
    management tools [Client side, Server side, Database]
  • Databases: Expert level skills in one or more of MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Exposure to Release, Build Management, Deployment steps and

Company: Mindfire Solutions (www.mindfiresolutions.com

Experience: 2-6 years

Range of Salary: 6L-12L
Location: BBSR / Noida / Bangalore (in order of preference)

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