Job - Red 5 Studios (ex WoW Developers) Ruby Developer

Red 5 is an online MMO gaming company based in Orange County California.
The studio is headed by Mark Kern ex team Lead from Blizzard.
Relocation assistance is available for this role.

What It’s All About
Creating and designing the foundation for Firefall enables you to work
directly with the game development team and the back-end platform group.
Adding functionality to the platform with new core features is something
that you thrive upon. The game is built upon web architecture, so you
have the opportunity to not only fine tune your web skills but also to
add core features working with the game designers. In addition, you will
be able to build and design the APIs that the game will run on with core
character progression, item crafting, and game server auto-scaling,
along with exciting new APIs that you and the team help craft.

A Typical Day
Your day begins with a design team meeting discussing what high end
concepts they would like to see included in the game. Focusing on what
systems need to be built to support these new features, you start to
prototype your API to get the job done. Working with game server
developers and web developers you begin planning on integrating the new
functionality into other systems. You conclude the day by meeting with
the Operations team to discuss various systems issues and how these new
features may address those concerns.

Who You Work With
You are in a unique position with the opportunity to interact on a
day-to-day basis with the development team on the game creation side
while also with the front-end web developers and the operations team on
the back-end. Not only are you able to help craft creative features into
the game but you also improve scalability and optimization. With our
focus on collaboration when debugging system problems as well as
planning the future of the infrastructure, Red 5’s “DevOps” culture
offers a unique approach to game development and operations. You truly
have your hands in all aspects of the platform and the in-game design

• Own your code. Write it, test it, and push it to production via
continuous deployment
• Design and construct scalable web service APIs to serve data needs of
the platform
• Constantly improving the game and user experience on your own accord
• Writing unit and/or integration tests for your code
• Deciding what is the most appropriate technology to be used for any
• Monitoring the performance of your applications, and keeping them
• Debugging platform-based issues
• Proficient in Ruby or able to quickly adopt its usage
• 3+ years developing database-driven web applications
• 3+ years developing for Linux environments
• Previous experience working with or building web-based APIs
• Being able to think both short-term and long-term when programming
• Knowing when to crowd source the answer to a problem versus building
something from scratch
• Experienced in operations tasks such as configuration management,
deployment, and debugging live applications
• Shameless passion for video games
• Experience building distributed systems in a cloud environment
• Experience with non-relational databases: Cassandra, Redis, etc.
• Previous experience writing automated tests for your code
• Interest in data mining and data analysis
• Active member on GitHub or other similar site
• General knowledge of Red 5 Studios and Firefall
• Previous experience in the video games industry

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