[JOB] Prototype Developer

My name is Osandi and I’m looking for a web application developer who is
interested in helping me create the musicologist’s/record collector’s

I’m passionate about solving a specific problem and looking for someone
who is not only passionate about user experience, but also the social
significance that music means to culture. That you have an eye for
beautiful user interfaces goes without saying, but you are also capable
of creating elegant solutions that flow with the least amount of effort.

The right person will have a desire to build something from the ground
up and be able technically execute the backend and front end code in
Ruby on Rails framework (it’s what I’m learning).

To be upfront, I’m completely bootstrapping the startup thus far. I’m
in a position to bring someone on who has a deep interest and can
negotiate on terms of a convertible note. If we’re a match made in
heaven, equity goes without saying. Of course, I would love to have
someone to go the length with.

Thanks for getting back in touch and I look forward to hearing from you.