[job] programmers for startup


We are a startup company in Louisville, KY, looking for two programmers.
Realizing that Ruby is a relatively new language, experience on a
major Ruby project is not necessary. We are more concerned with
intelligence, work ethic, and general programming knowledge (although
obviously we expect you to know some Ruby). Some C experience will
probably help too. Initial work will require website development in
Rails and what happens after that depends on how the market reacts to
the prototype.

Company had lined up a small amount of funding from ex-Silicon Valley
executive and is searching for more. Pay will be 2K a month + equity
while building prototype (estimated three months). We realize this may
mean you have to keep your regular job for awhile. We are also pursuing
a technology development grant that may give us 15K more for the
prototype, in which case you can work full-time on it. We will not have
an answer on the grant until early July.

We would prefer that you move to Louisville eventually, but that is open
to discussion. Once prototype launches, you come on full-time. Salary
is negotiable but 90-100K is expected.

Ideal applicants will be a good cultural fit if they:

  • are much more productive than their peers
  • think work can be enjoyable
  • think companies should have a business model from the start
  • are iconoclasts
  • don’t mind open debate
  • ability to learn the things that you don’t know very quickly

Founders have started businesses before, but never one this large scale.
Please realize that even if our execution is excellent there is only a
10-20% chance of long-term success. On the bright side though, we
guarantee it will be fun and challenging, and there is a small chance
that we may be successful enough to challenge some of the major tech

An email summarizing experience/skills/interest along with any questions
should be sent to [email protected]
mailto:[email protected]. Resume is optional at this
stage. We will narrow down the candidates and explain the business plan
to make sure there is a mutual interest.