Job Post - Ruby on Rails programmer UC Berkeley

The Northern California Childhood Leukemia Study of the UC Berkeley
School of Public Health is hiring an Applications Programmer to help
develop new research and operational systems using Ruby on Rails.

Brief summary of the position:

The position mainly involves developing and maintaining databases to
track research and operational activities in Professor Buffler’s
research unit, which is composed of several genetic and epidemiologic
studies of childhood cancers. Involves writing programs in a computer
language, designing related databases, web interfaces and content, or
multimedia processes. Designs, develops, modifies, tests and evaluates
and maintains computer programs. Work includes test-to-production
processes, quality assurance, maintenance and documentation of
applications. Includes web applications programming.

Assists Research Unit’s Information Systems Analyst in providing first-
line technical services to Unit personnel including liaising with
IS&T’s desktop support unit (DOCS) to report system problems,
communicate specifications to procurement personnel for purchase and
renewal of software licenses, maintain an inventory of Unit assets.

You can learn more and apply on line by going to
Click on the button for External Job Applicants to Search and Apply
for Jobs and then search for Job ID: 10149 Applications Programmer 3

Note: Please note that the first paragraph under the heading
“Responsibilities” on the website is misleading. The full, untruncated
description is as listed above.