[JOB] Part Time App Support / Review Role

Hi All,

We are a document management company currently based in
Moorabbin, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

We have an application for managing paper documents that is alive and
kicking with a few hundred users. The application is currently hosted on
heroku, and all is running fairly smoothly.

We are looking for someone on an indefinitely ongoing part-time basis
a week) to:

  • Review code commits to ensure quality & proper test coverage
  • Tweak application performance
  • Provide emergency support during business (if needed, but this is
    likely to be very rare)
  • Help to plan and architect new features

We are looking for someone with good experience. There is alot of
in the application so thats a must, as well as all the usual bits and
pieces (javascript, etc).

We are flexible about how you want to work - remote is fine, any day of
week. RE: timezone - as long as there is a few hours crossover, that is

Would prefer to talk salary on a one to one basis.

Please get in touch if this tickles your fancy, and I can provide you a
link to our app and more information.