Job opportunity (Bologna)

Ruby Developer

Job Description

Advenias is looking for a Ruby Engineer with experience on building
cool Internet products using the Ruby On Rails framework
. You will
be part of our Tech Department working every day to make our customers
happy using our service. You will excited to develop new features and to
improve functionalities and performances of the existing ones having a
direct feedback from the users dealing with sociomedical ERP ePersonam.
You will also work on the integration with other platforms and
services for big customers or partners, so you surely know how to build
high quality innovative and scalable solutions and how to integrate them
with external services (building and consuming APIs).
We love “know-all” guys: crafters and hackers that like to build
complete web applications and get hands dirty working on the whole stack
(from the web design to the application side) but what’s important is
that you’re a maniac of a perfect designed, correctly oiled and
incredibly fast backend for a web application.


- 4+ years of proven software development experience.
- 2+ years Ruby on Rails development experience in a consumer facing

web environment.
- Familiarity with relational databases, preferably PostgreSQL.
- Experience in Javascript, jQuery, Bootstrap, CSS and general Web
- A good Javascript / JQuery or Prototype programming knowledge.
- Strong knowledge of OO analysis/design, Design Patterns,
Refactoring and Unit Testing.
- Experience in TDD / BDD: nice to have ;-).
- Knowledge of “core services” for large scale Internet applications
like: Memcached (or other caching services), Heroku and cloud computing
- Knowledge of HTTP and what RESTful really means (tip: it’s more
than “clean URLs”), so you have an idea of what an API is and you are
excited to build APIs for a web platform.
- Expertise in application troubleshooting, debugging, performance
evaluation and tuning. IMPORTANT: this means that you have performances
ever in mind when you write every line of code; that you understand how
to analyze the full stack of a request – from the browser to the
database passing through network – and that you are database savvy and
excited to run a query profiler.
- Some Knowledge of professional software engineering practices &
best practices for the full software development life cycle, including
coding standards, code reviews, source control management (i.e.: Git),
build processes, testing, and operations.
- Superb analytical skills, self directed, good communication skill
(with engineers and non engineers) and able to work in a team.


- Passion for new technologies, self directed learning, and ability

to share and introduce new ideas into a team environment.
- Experience in System Administration for large scale Internet
application: this means that you are confident setting up instances on
Amazon AWS, configuring load balancing and correctly tuning, maintaining
and monitoring the whole stack (Reverse proxy, Web layer, Application
layer, DBMS).
- Active participation in the Ruby and open source communities.
- A previous experience of design and development of RESTful APIs
for a web service.
- Experience in building gems or plugins for Ruby On Rails or other
Ruby frameworks.
- Knowledge of NoSQL or graph databases.
- Knowledge of other modern web frameworks (e.g.: NodeJs, Phoenix,
Sinatra, Django, …).
- Knowledge of Scrum and/or Agile Development processes (Pair
Programming, Extreme Programming, etc.) and tools.
- Good graphic/UX taste and experience with client-side frameworks
like Twitter Bootstrap.
- Able to work under pressure.


Depends on experience and skill level.

Work Hours

Full Time.


Bologna (mandatory!).

Apply through E-mail

[email protected]

Please write a clear and concise mail (in Italian or English as you
prefer) with your experiences and examples and how you match our
Requirements and Extras: it’s ok to attach CV but you’ll make us happy
if we can understand everything and immediately, reading your e-mail.
Thank you.