Job opening at Sandia National Laboratories

Hi All,

I think we recently discussed this and decided that job postings were
welcome here (at least until it becomes a bother). So, here’s mine.


Wow, on an off-topic note, that makes for a huge vindication of Jruby

“JRuby, as used at the Sandia National Laboratories”

Huh. Hadn’t thought of it that way. Although note that I’m not
to speak on behalf of Sandia Labs, I’ll certainly personally sing the
praises of JRuby. For the mission-critical 24x7 operations of my group,
JRuby has been an excellent platform.

It’s been rock solid. Ok, I recall some time ago I had one weird thing
happen. As I recall, I was trying to subclass Queue, I think, and got a
weird error. I griped to this list, and it was fixed immediately.
ask for more. In the years we’ve been using it, that’s the only issue I
can recall. That error showed up very early during development (i.e.,
furst unit test). We’ve never had a JRuby problem after deployment.
We’ve had the occasional, “Bob is a dufus programmer” problem, but I
couldn’t manage to blame any of those on JRuby.

We get a mature garbage collector, real threads, and the portability
comes with the JVM. And just a method call away are all the cool things
that come with Java. I just recently needed AES encryption, and there
was, over in Java land. We make heavy use of JMX to monitor our numerous
running JRuby apps. I can painlessly drop my apps onto Linux or Windows.

It gives all the advantages of Java without having to, you know, write

We’re quite pleased with the advantages of JRuby, and I deeply
the efforts of the developers.