[JOB] Music Co: Lead RoR Developer, RoR Developer

We have two roles:

Team Lead / Director of RoR Development

RoR Developer

Please contact if interested: [email protected]

Lead a team of web engineers using Ruby on Rails to develop next
generation Internet experiences for
a digital music business unit that is shaping the future of the music

We seek a strong technical leader to help build a next-generation
eCommerce platform for the music
industry .

This leader must have the technical credibility to lead a world-class
software engineers .
The successful candidate will be a seasoned server side developer from
large scale consumer/ B2C

This candidate should also bring hands-on Ruby on Rails development
abilities, RoR best practices and expertise in leveraging Rails to
build scalable Internet applications.

In hands on role that is 60/40 management/coding, you will lead
development of platform level services that power consumer facing
applications for a major music company.

The successful candidate will bring Consumer Internet work experience
managing teams, playing key
technical roles and working well with client groups to the role.


• Manage team of 7-10 server side engineers developing in Ruby, JRuby
and Java.

• Lead multiple product and service development efforts, achieving
results in a fast-paced, high pressure environment.

• Participate in digital music product discussions and set server
side technology strategies.

• Develop components and services for an eCommerce infrastructure that
can scale to process

On 5 August 2010 02:38, Recruiting.IO [email protected] wrote:

We have two roles:

Team Lead / Director of RoR Development

RoR Developer

You don’t say where; you don’t say how much.
You don’t want us to waste your time with our CVs if we’re nowhere
near, or it’s not in our remuneration target.

This is an international list so it would be a good idea to say where
in the world this job is. Even for American readers the state, if not
the city, would be a great help.

As a recruiter it does not look good if you favour vapid buzzwords over

“Participate in digital music product discussions” == “Attend meetings”