JOB London - startup project - full stack web developer

Hello Ruby’s world!

We are a recently created start-up which wishes to enhance direct
interactions between local producers and customers and we are looking
for an outstanding London-based web developer to be responsible for the
coding of our website.

Both prototypes for the website and mobile application are done. And the
project is planned to be launched in London and New York.

In terms of remuneration, and based on future discussions, it could be
cash or interest in the project or even both depending on how motivated
the candidate will be about the project. We are really looking for a

We require proven experience in web programming, skills and in-depth
knowledge of modern HTML5/CSS, Ruby, the Rails framework, JavaScript and

Knowledge of Bootstrap, ObjectiveC or Swift would be a plus.

You can contact me to discuss further at:

[email protected]

Let’s meet!