[JOB] Lead Rails Engineer - Boston metrowest

Hi All,

I’m not a recruiter. I work for Location, Inc.
(locationinc.com). We crunch Big Data into real estate and map-based
information products. (See www.neighborhoodscout.com and

We’re fun and exciting, venture backed, profitable, AND growing!

We’re looking for a Lead Engineer (full-time, onsite) with outstanding
Ruby on Rails experience to grow with us and create killer,
market-disrupting products.

What’s In it For You?

  • Competitive salary with stock options.
  • Major opportunity to build your own team with potential path to CTO
  • Casual fun working environment, solving some of the most exhilarating
    Big Data problems in the industry, alongside a team that’s as passionate
    as you are about this stuff!
  • Great work/life balance, with 40-45 hour work weeks the norm!
  • Long-term stability with a venture backed start up that is already
    profitable and growing
  • Investors include the Founders of MapQuest and CoreLogic
  • Great location just yards away from commuter rail hub, highway, pubs,
    restaurants and coffee shops.
  • 5 miles in any direction and you are in quaint New England towns with
    nationally-ranked schools, historic charm, and great housing options
    (and we would know, we’re the experts!).

You can read more about the position on StackOverflow:

If interested, please reach out! [email protected].

Or, if you’re not in the job market, I welcome any feedback you have on
our posting or on the position in general.

Thanks for reading,