[JOB] contract work San Francisco area [reposted with cause]

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Our startup is about to leave the hushed darkness of the lab and step
into the light by launching a web-based application. Our team has
written the core “secret sauce”, but we need a fast and accurate RoR
development team or individual to assemble a framework around the core
and to deliver a package ready to deploy on a commercial ISP.

This is a small- to mid-sized application.

None of the following are absolute requirements, but we will favor
applicants who:

  • Can show at least 2 commercially deployed RoR based systems
  • Are San Francisco based (or keep West Coast time)
  • Have solid references
  • Can articulate a sensible development philosophy and tool-set
  • Can describe work-flow for customer / developer relationship
  • Can start soon
  • Are open to pair programming

If interested, contact rem[email protected] with your contact info and any
opening comments.

Let the games begin…

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