JMeter Load testing

I started playing with JMeter to load test a rails app. I have it
working for th most part but I am having a problem with
InvalidAuthenticityToken when posting forms.

The problem is that JMeter is recording the InvalidAuthenticityToken
value to post when it runs the test. Of course its valid when recording
but when I play back the token is no longer valid.

Anyone gotten around this?

Any other free load testing tools (that have a record feature) that
might work better?

Hi there,

I’m also having trouble with JMeter and InvalidAuthenticityToken. I
managed to pull the current token from a web form with an
XPathExtractor[1], but I can’t get JMeter to insert this value in
subsequent form POST actions. Anyone who has experience in using
values from an Extractor in subsequent requests?

@Homer: did you manage to perform a login by turning
protect_from_forgery off? If so, how did you configure the Cookie
Manager? I can’t even seem to stay logged in with JMeter at the




You need to extract the authenticity_token from the page each time it
and add it to your form post. How to instructions are provided here:

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